Fruit for Thought is non-profit urban fruit-sharing organization.  Our mission is to promote sustainable practices and reduce waste while contributing to the community. 

Fruit for thought harvests unwanted and excess urban fruit.  We are open to harvesting a variety of produce such as apples, raspberries, saskatoons, pears, cherries, plums, rhubarb or anything that is not used! Volunteers harvest the fruit when ripe and the bounty is shared three ways: a portion to the owners, a portion to the volunteers and a portion to local food banks, shelters and businesses.  Fruit for Thought also preserves a portion of the fruit collected, creating delicious pies, applesauce, jellies and chutneys to share with everyone involved.

Interested tree owners can register their tree to be harvested.  Once it is ready to be picked, owners can contact us to arrange a time for volunteers to come by.  We bring all the supplies necessary!

By using fruit that would otherwise go to waste, Fruit for Thought is helping to promote urban agriculture as well as local eating.  There is an abundance of fresh, healthy food literally in our own backyards!  Choosing to eat local reduces the amount of carbon needed to get food from its source to the table, which in turn reduces pollution.  

Fruit for Thought helps to provide individuals with a sustainable alternative to letting fruit go to waste or cutting down fruit producing trees.  We create a hassle free way for people to enjoy local produce.    

You can contact us by email at FruitForThought@hotmail.com or by phone at 537-3783.  

You can also register a tree or register to volunteer through the links at the top of the page!

We are also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @fftregina.